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Bulk email sender for advertising campaigns that can help you reach your target audience and incre...

June 30th, 09:51 GMT

Animated Wallpaper Maker 4.2.0

This application offers you the possibility to create animated wallpapers using your own images, t...

June 30th, 09:44 GMT

Snapfish for Lightroom 3.1.0

Export individual or multiple photographs from Adobe Lightroom to your Snapfish account, with the ...

June 30th, 09:34 GMT

RegexBuddy 4.4.1

Discover how you can automate tedious tasks with regular expressions and quickly create regular ex...

June 30th, 09:31 GMT

Any DWG to Image Converter [DISCOUNT: $10 OFF!] 2015

Convert any of you DWG files to various image formats, including JPG, TIF, GIF, and PNG with the h...

June 30th, 09:24 GMT


Record the screen activity to WMV or AVI file format and take screenshots (BMP or JPG) by using th...

June 30th, 09:19 GMT

Jenkins 1.618

An extendable open source continuous integration server

June 30th, 09:11 GMT

Visual Paradigm Professional Edition 12.1 Build 20150701

A practical software solution that supports complete software lifecycle - object-oriented analysis...

June 30th, 09:07 GMT
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Bitnami Apache Solr Stack 5.2.1-0

Easy development and deployment of the Apache Solr application and its dependencies

June 30th, 10:00 GMT

Bitnami Ametys Stack 3.7.1-1

A free, all-in-one and easy-to-use solution for deploying Ametys CMS on real hardware

June 30th, 09:47 GMT

Bitnami Ametys Module 3.7.1-1

A unique solution for deploying the Ametys CMS application on top of Bitnami LAMP stack

June 30th, 09:45 GMT

Bitnami Alfresco Stack 5.0.d-0

An easy-to-install distribution of Alfresco CMS and all its required dependencies

June 30th, 09:44 GMT

Bitnami Akeneo Stack 1.3.16-0

A native graphical installer software that allows anyone to deploy Akeneo on real hardware

June 30th, 09:43 GMT

Bitnami Akeneo Module 1.3.16-0

A unique solution that allows anyone to deploy Akeneo on top of LAMP and MAMP stacks

June 30th, 09:42 GMT

Bitnami AbanteCart Stack 1.2.2-0

An easy-to-use installer that helps you with the deployment of AbanteCart on real hardware

June 30th, 09:41 GMT

Bitnami AbanteCart Module 1.2.2-0

A free and easy-to-use installer designed for the AbanteCart e-commerce application

June 30th, 09:40 GMT
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  • mac

NetUse 2.1.0

Provide its users with the means to monitor network traffic on a Mac

June 30th, 09:47 GMT
  • mac

Virtual City Playground 1.17

Have fun building your own city that provides all the facilities of modern life in this entertaini...

June 30th, 09:07 GMT
  • mac

ntouch 4.2.8

A free, cross-platform and easy-to-use Mac OS X application that enables you to make Sorenson VRS ...

June 30th, 08:52 GMT
  • mac

Vuze / Beta 7

Multi-platform BitTorrent client designed to help its users to search for and download content via...

June 30th, 08:34 GMT
  • mac

ClamXav 2.8.2 Build 908

Virus checking utility for Mac OS X that comes with daily virus definition updates and uses the po...

June 30th, 08:28 GMT
  • mac

Bartender 4.6.9 / Alpha

A nice World of Warcraft add-on designed to provide a great collection of actions and bars customi...

June 30th, 08:20 GMT
  • mac

LibreCAD / 2015-06-29 Nightly

Trustworthy CAD application suitable for a wide variety of projects, available in numerous languag...

June 30th, 08:05 GMT
  • mac

SimpleDigitalLocomotive 0.8b3

Control your model railway from your desktop, keep track of your vehicles, and create an unlimited...

June 30th, 07:25 GMT
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Tunnel Hawk 1.0

Descend into an endless tunnel and avoid being destroyed by the obstacles lying ahead

June 29th, 22:52 GMT

Airplane Road 1.0

Race against other planes at very low altitudes in this arcade racing game featuring speed boosts ...

June 29th, 21:04 GMT

Cannes Film Festival 2015 1.0

Use your imagination to dress a woman adequately in order to participate at the famous Cannes Film...

June 29th, 20:11 GMT

Decimated 1.0

Survive a worldwide mutant infection and try to rid the planet of monsters in this casual shoot 'e...

June 29th, 19:31 GMT

D2X-XL 1.18.52

An open source project and has received a lot of enhancements for Descent 2

June 29th, 08:56 GMT

Vendetta Online 1.8.342

Pilot your own spaceship in a persistent universe and interact with thousands of players in this s...

June 27th, 10:10 GMT

Titan Poker 14.0

Play poker against other people online and see whether you can take home the big prizes

June 27th, 09:59 GMT

Casino Vegas Red 14.0

Put your luck to the test with this collection of casino games containing blackjack, slots and pok...

June 27th, 08:53 GMT
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Speaking URL 5.0.1

A JavaScript library to convert text into URL slugs, usable for actual URLs, or just encoding long...

June 30th, 09:56 GMT

MongoEngine 0.10.0

A Document-Object Mapper for working with MongoDB from Python code

June 30th, 08:28 GMT

Phalcon PHP 2.0.3

A PHP framework for developing web applications

June 30th, 07:03 GMT

WP Fastest Cache

A WordPress plugin that provides a caching system geared mostly on speed and simplicity, perfect f...

June 30th, 06:04 GMT

vk_api 6.2

A Python wrapper for the VKontakte API

June 30th, 05:55 GMT

PayPal Ruby SDK 1.2.2

A Ruby library for PayPal's HTTP REST API, allowing developers to support a PayPal payment gateway...

June 30th, 04:06 GMT

PayPal Java SDK 1.2.5

A Java library for PayPal's HTTP REST API, allowing developers to support a PayPal payment gateway...

June 30th, 03:55 GMT

PayPal .NET SDK 1.65.0

A C# library for PayPal's HTTP REST API, allowing developers to support a PayPal payment gateway v...

June 30th, 02:48 GMT
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NeuroNation 1.4.22

Train your brain to improve your memory and focus with NeuroNation

March 19th, 08:49 GMT

Flipagram 4.1

Create cool videos by mixing up your photos with music

March 19th, 07:32 GMT

Timer+ 2.1.2

Set up dozens of timers and control them all with ease

March 19th, 07:21 GMT

Nutshell Camera 1.3

Create some pretty cool videos with Nutshell Camera

March 19th, 07:21 GMT

IKEA Catalogue 15.20

Check out the IKEA Catalogue for more than just furniture

March 19th, 07:19 GMT

Complete 2.0.1

Complete puts a social twist to your regular to-do list/ task manager

March 19th, 07:18 GMT

WebMD Baby 2.1

WebMD Baby offers help in how to best tend to your baby

March 19th, 07:17 GMT

POMELO 1.5.1

POMELO helps you take great pictures by providing a bunch of

March 19th, 07:17 GMT
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Optimize your phone and save data using this really nice app

May 27th, 14:34 GMT

Photo Editor by Zentertain 1.11

Edit your pictures easily using this neat app on your phone

May 27th, 14:33 GMT

Music Player by Perfect Media 1.24

Listen to all of your favorite songs with Music Player by Perfect Media

May 27th, 14:33 GMT

UBhind 3.8.3

Accurately depict your mobile app usage with this really neat application

May 27th, 14:33 GMT

ZUI Locker 1.5.6

Customize your phone and use one of the most stylish and stable locker apps on the market

May 27th, 14:32 GMT


Learn one of the 11 languages available inside this app using games and fun exercises

May 27th, 14:32 GMT


Easily write notes or use the drawing feature with this easy-to-use app

May 27th, 14:32 GMT

100filters 5.5

Apply multiple filters to your pictures, save and share online

May 27th, 14:31 GMT
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My Vehicles

Log all expenses related to the maintenance of your car(s) with a smart app for your phone

May 26th, 13:55 GMT

Easy Shopping

Get a friendly assistant for your shopping sessions and use it on the go, from your phone

May 26th, 12:39 GMT


A complete file management solution that supports local files and OneDrive content

May 26th, 11:40 GMT

HQ Music Downloader

A useful helper for finding and getting the preferred music tracks while on the go

May 26th, 11:40 GMT


Customize you photos with amazing effects and filters then share the pics on the go

May 26th, 11:39 GMT


A useful pack of percentage calculators you can use on your Windows Phone while on the go

May 26th, 09:31 GMT

Account Vault

A simple app made to provide a safe haven for login credentials and other personal data

May 26th, 08:34 GMT

Discovery News

Learn new things about technology, nature, even outer space in Discovery Channel style

May 26th, 07:07 GMT
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SpyShelter Firewall

Boost your PC security against keyloggers and block Internet access to various apps, with the help of this powerful two-way firewall utility.



only   € 25.00

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Windows Phone Increases Market Share in Most Major European Markets

Microsoft’s mobile platform attracts more users in Europe

Here’s What the Android BlackBerry Phone Might Look Like

BlackBerry is rumored to jump on board with Android

Windows 10 Build 10158 Said to Be Last Public Version Before RTM

Source claims that Microsoft will jump directly to RTM

Shigeru Miyamoto Is Not Involved in Nintendo NX Development

The developer is focused on his video game projects

Shots Fired! Iggy Azalea Blames Britney Spears for “Pretty Girls” Flop

Britney proves she’s the queen of shade in response tweet

Universal HDMI to VGA Adapter Kit with Audio Announced by Belkin

Belkin's adapter will not let old VGA users behind

Use Your Phone to Control Your Windows PC

If the mouse and keyboard just don't provide enough control

PSN Account Management and Store Still Down After Maintenance

Sony is investigating the problems and a fix is coming soon

Windows 7 Will Survive the Windows 10 Frenzy, Gartner Says

Windows 7 is currently the world’s number one desktop OS

Computer Lashes at Programmer on the Question of Morality

We never expected for computers to be grumpy so soon

Over at Google a computer program using movie scripts as conversation database was asked again and again by programmers to define morality.

Not surprising, it struggled to do so, but in the end became nervous lashing out at the researcher ending the discussion.

The interview included two datasets, one taken from chat sessions from an IT helpdesk set of conversations by finding the model that someone uses to track a certain problem and provide a useful answer to the user, and to increase realism and add a more humane face of a conversation, a noisy set of movie subtitles was also selected to perform ...

You Should Not Compare Ubuntu Touch with Android or Any Other OS

The OS from Canonical is just starting its journey

Now that Ubuntu Touch is in the hands of actual users, one of the most common critiques is that it doesn't feel like a finished product and it cannot compete with the likes of Android or iOS. The problem is not Ubuntu, but the comparison itself.

Canonical has been working on Ubuntu Touch for more than two years and a half, and they finally managed to get it in on a phone and make available for purchase only for a few months. The number of devices that carry the new operating system is now up to three, but some of the users and even parts of the media do not like the new OS. They say it doesn'...

Will I Have the Latest Software Versions in Ubuntu with Snappy?

Why is it so hard for Ubuntu to have up-to-date packages

I don't know about you, but I like my Linux distribution of choice to have the latest software versions installed, always. I like to know that I am using an up-to-date operating system. Is that so hard? Apparently yes, if you're using Ubuntu.

This is something that has been on my “frustrations list” for a very long time now. It is the main reason behind my decision of not using Ubuntu as my main operating system, especially that I use Linux for work every day.

Some old-school Ubuntu users know exactly what I am talking about. No matter how hard Ubuntu tries to offer you an easy-t...

Can HTC Aero Help the Company’s Failing Business?

HTC’s latest flagship failed to impress anyone

Like BlackBerry, well-known smartphone maker HTC isn’t doing so well in terms of making profits rise while its smartphone business is concerned.

The device maker has announced the One M9 flagship during the same day as Samsung unveiled the monstrous Galaxy S6, which proved to be a big mistake because everyone raced to see the Galaxy S6 and immediately forgot about the One M9.

The thing is, the One M9 proved to be incapable of differentiating itself from other competing models on the market, but also from its predecessor, the One M8, which bears a very big resemblance to it.

So it’s no w...

E3 2015 Was Great for All Gamers and Companies

All sorts of big surprises and announcements were made

E3 2015 took place last week and delivered a huge amount of news, announcements, surprises, and even a few awkward moments. However, one thing is quite clear: it's a great time to be a gamer, no matter the platform, and all sorts of big things are coming from developers, publishers, and hardware makers.

E3 is eagerly awaited by millions of gamers every year and the 2015 edition didn't disappoint, as most gaming companies brought forth a wide array of demonstrations, announcements, and goodies for their fans.

Bethesda blew many away

For its first pre-E3 2015 showing in history, Bethesda made...

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Purchases Should Be Refunded by Warner Bros.

The company should also continue to deliver patches

Batman: Arkham Knight was supposed to be one of the early contenders for Game of the Year, the swan song of a celebrated series and the final title in the franchise that Rocksteady would work on, a title that fans have been waiting for ever since Origins failed to live up to its own pre-launch hype.

Those who have picked up the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 versions of the experience have been having a good time with it over the past few days, but for PC gamers, the most recent launch from Warner Bros. has been a nightmare and the company has not gone far enough to apologize and to compensate them.


Did Anyone Notice GitHub's Competition Lately?

Google is re-entering the source code cloud hosting market with its Cloud Source Repositories service

When a company is dominating its market like GitHub is doing with cloud-based source code hosting, people tend to take their eyes off the competition.

In the last few months, GitHub has been busy trying to raise a new private funding round, but so have its competitors, quietly moving in the shadows and waiting for GitHub's mistakes.

Google is re-entering the game

After closing down Google Code this winter, Google is apparently back in the business through its Cloud Source Repositories service, which has entered a beta testing period.

This new tool provides developers with the ability to host G...

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