#IFA 2015 Lenovo Intros Oversized Phab and Phab Plus Phablets

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Network Monitor II 21.8

A sidebar gadget that provides information at a glance about Internet signal, your computer's IP a...

September 4th, 21:04 GMT

Image Uploader 1.3.1 Build 4318 / 1.3.2 Build 4474 Alpha

Upload images, screenshots and video files to picture or other file hosting servers with the help ...

September 4th, 20:53 GMT

VueScan 9.5.25

Bundled with a long list of options and support for several picture formats, this tool lets you ge...

September 4th, 20:46 GMT

Notepad++ 6.8.3

A source code and text editor for all programmers that comes with support for various languages, p...

September 4th, 20:44 GMT

Easy CSS Menu 4.3

Easily create professional CSS menus for your website by relying o a large template library and an...

September 4th, 20:41 GMT

ConvertXtoDVD [DISCOUNT: 25% OFF!]

Convert and watch Divx or AVI video files on your regular home DVD Player by creating and burning ...

September 4th, 20:34 GMT

Process Lasso

Set the priority of running processes, monitor RAM usage and manage active applications to improve...

September 4th, 20:32 GMT

Logitech Gaming Software 8.72.107

A handy game controller configurator

September 4th, 20:12 GMT
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SparkyLinux Openbox 4.0

A Base edition of the Debian-based SparkyLinux operating system that uses the Openbox window manager

September 4th, 19:33 GMT

SparkyLinux Rescue 4.1 RC

An Open Source and Debian based Linux distribution designed for system administators

September 4th, 19:30 GMT

PHP 5.6.13 / 7.0.0 RC2

A high-level scripting language that can be used to develop Web-based applications

September 4th, 14:35 GMT
  • linux

openSUSE Linux 13.2 / 42.1 Milestone 2

The new and improved SUSE Linux operating system, a community-driven distribution

September 4th, 14:16 GMT
  • linux

Wine 1.7.51

An application that allows users to run Windows applications in Linux operating systems

September 4th, 13:22 GMT

Elive 2.0 / 2.6.10 Beta

A Live CD based on Debian and designed to demonstrate the functionality of Enlightenment

September 4th, 12:38 GMT

Calibre 2.37.1

A graphical ebook library management software compatible with many devices and platforms

September 4th, 11:41 GMT

Kodi 15.1 / 15.2 RC / 16.0 Alpha

Your one stop shop for all your media! This is the original XBMC software for Linux operating syst...

September 4th, 10:37 GMT
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  • mac

Autopano Video 2.2.0

An innovative and cross-platform application that enables you to create 360-degree immersive video...

September 4th, 21:05 GMT
  • mac

Autopano Pro 4.2.0

Highly intuitive and cross-platform application for Mac OS X designed to allow its users to create...

September 4th, 20:59 GMT
  • mac

Autopano Giga 4.2.0

Intuitive to use OS X image stitching application that makes it for its users to design and genera...

September 4th, 20:44 GMT
  • mac

BeanCounter 2.0.3

Versatile bookkeeping application for OS X that comes with a large collection of predefined accoun...

September 4th, 20:26 GMT
  • mac

PHP 5.6.12 / 5.6.13 RC 1 / 7.0.0 RC 2

A well-known general-purpose scripting language that is fast, flexible and reliable, and which you...

September 4th, 19:52 GMT
  • mac

Call Recorder for FaceTime 1.1.4

Record your FaceTime calls with minimal effort and seamlessly create video chats or interviews tha...

September 4th, 19:36 GMT
  • mac

Intaglio 3.9

A powerful yet easy to use drawing application designed for Mac OS X that provides quick access to...

September 4th, 19:09 GMT
  • mac

Typinator 6.6 / 6.7 Beta 1

A handy and useful application capable to improve your productivity and eliminate errors by automa...

September 4th, 18:46 GMT
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PioneerSpaceSim 20150904

Explore the galaxy at the turn of the 31st century in this space sim designed to bring the old Eli...

September 4th, 20:49 GMT

Crookz - The Big Heist +1 Trainer

Add money in Crookz - The Big Heist, one unit of it at a time, by using this trainer

September 4th, 19:57 GMT

GemRB Game Engine 0.8.3 / BuildBot 0.8.3-278

Am open-source game engine that's built for RPG titles and is based om Bioware's Infinity Engine

September 4th, 19:18 GMT

March of War: Face Off Build 17.1485 Hotfix

A tactical card game that strays from the traditional fantasy setup and throws you into actual war

September 4th, 18:11 GMT

Marvel Heroes 2015 Online Client 1.69

Enjoy the Marvel universe from a more personal point of view in this exciting MMO featuring all of...

September 4th, 17:46 GMT


A complex retro turn-based strategy game with tons of content and wonderful gameplay

September 4th, 16:24 GMT

StarMade 0.194 / 20150903 Dev Build

Build spaceships, explore planets, and go to war in this procedurally generated voxel-based sandbo...

September 4th, 15:44 GMT

Sony PlayStation 3 Firmware 4.76

This is the latest firmware for the PlayStation 3 consoles

September 4th, 14:11 GMT
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Sony Vaio VPCEF47FXBI ATI Mobility Radeon HD Graphics Driver 8.712.5.1000

Graphics Board

September 4th, 20:50 GMT

Sony Vaio VPCEF47FXBI TouchPad Settings Utility 1.0

Other Drivers & Tools

September 4th, 20:40 GMT

Sony Vaio VPCEF47FXBI AMD USB Filter Driver


September 4th, 20:22 GMT

Sony Vaio VPCEF47FXBI AMD SATA Controller Driver


September 4th, 20:16 GMT

Sony Vaio VPCEF47FXBI Alps TouchPad Driver 7.107.505.102

Keyboard & Mouse

September 4th, 20:10 GMT

Sony Vaio VPCEF47FXBI Alps TouchPad Driver 7.107.505.106

Keyboard & Mouse

September 4th, 19:59 GMT

Sony Vaio VPCEF47FXBI Realtek LAN Driver 7.17.304.2010

Network Card

September 4th, 19:48 GMT
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Yii PHP Framework 2.0.6

A high-performance component-based PHP framework for developing large-scale web applications

September 4th, 20:17 GMT

ElasticSearch 1.7.1 / 2.0.0-beta

A distributed RESTful Java search engine with support for real-time search analytics, built specif...

September 4th, 19:32 GMT

phpMyAdmin 4.4.14/ 4.5.0-beta2

The most used and the most powerful Web interface for managing MySQL databases, a must-have tool f...

September 4th, 18:46 GMT

Open Classifieds 2.5.0 /

A PHP script for running a classifieds ads website, with support for free and paid listings, along...

September 4th, 17:23 GMT

OroCRM 1.8.0

An open source PHP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) specifically developed to work integrate...

September 4th, 16:43 GMT

Oro Platform 1.8.0

A fully-featured PHP development platform (framework) for creating customizable Web-based applicat...

September 4th, 15:03 GMT

Imagecow 1.4.1

A PHP library for manipulating, resizing and cropping responsive images, complete with support for...

September 4th, 14:44 GMT

OTRS ITSM 4.0.11

An OTRS extension that transforms the Perl-based help desk toolkit into a fully-customizable IT co...

September 4th, 13:05 GMT
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NeuroNation 1.4.22

Train your brain to improve your memory and focus with NeuroNation

March 19th, 08:49 GMT

Flipagram 4.1

Create cool videos by mixing up your photos with music

March 19th, 07:32 GMT

Timer+ 2.1.2

Set up dozens of timers and control them all with ease

March 19th, 07:21 GMT

Nutshell Camera 1.3

Create some pretty cool videos with Nutshell Camera

March 19th, 07:21 GMT

IKEA Catalogue 15.20

Check out the IKEA Catalogue for more than just furniture

March 19th, 07:19 GMT

Complete 2.0.1

Complete puts a social twist to your regular to-do list/ task manager

March 19th, 07:18 GMT

WebMD Baby 2.1

WebMD Baby offers help in how to best tend to your baby

March 19th, 07:17 GMT

POMELO 1.5.1

POMELO helps you take great pictures by providing a bunch of

March 19th, 07:17 GMT
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lollicam -fun video selfie cam 1.29

Record and edit videos easily, using this neat application on your phone

September 4th, 13:09 GMT

YouCam Makeup -Makeover Studio 4.8.2

Edit selfies and apply make up using this neat application

September 4th, 13:09 GMT

Turbo Booster 2.2.1c

Optimize, clean and speed up your Android tablet and mobile devices with Turbo Booster

September 4th, 13:09 GMT

Send Anywhere 5.9.4

Transfer files between multiple devices using this intuitive app

September 4th, 13:08 GMT


Connect your phone to your PC, record your screen and transfer files

September 4th, 13:08 GMT

ZUI Locker 1.8.0

Customize your phone and use one of the most stylish and stable locker apps on the market

September 4th, 13:08 GMT

Maps Measure 1.3.2

Measure distances and areas in Google Maps easily using this simple app

September 4th, 13:07 GMT

SHAREit 3.0.8_ww

Share files between your phone and PC without using internet connection or mobile data

September 4th, 13:07 GMT
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My Vehicles

Log all expenses related to the maintenance of your car(s) with a smart app for your phone

May 26th, 13:55 GMT

Easy Shopping

Get a friendly assistant for your shopping sessions and use it on the go, from your phone

May 26th, 12:39 GMT


A complete file management solution that supports local files and OneDrive content

May 26th, 11:40 GMT

HQ Music Downloader

A useful helper for finding and getting the preferred music tracks while on the go

May 26th, 11:40 GMT


Customize you photos with amazing effects and filters then share the pics on the go

May 26th, 11:39 GMT


A useful pack of percentage calculators you can use on your Windows Phone while on the go

May 26th, 09:31 GMT

Account Vault

A simple app made to provide a safe haven for login credentials and other personal data

May 26th, 08:34 GMT

Discovery News

Learn new things about technology, nature, even outer space in Discovery Channel style

May 26th, 07:07 GMT
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Driver Booster 40% OFF

Intuitive program that helps you update all your drivers and game components, activate a silent update mode (popup notifications are disabled) and automatically create a restore point.



only   $ 17.37

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Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Received Well by Ubuntu Phone Users, Work on OTA-7 Starts

The Music, Clock, and Terminal apps have been improved

Caltech Astronomers Spy on 13.2-Billion-Year-Old Galaxy

The universe itself is about 13.8 billion years old

Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) to Ship with OpenStack Liberty

OpenStack 2015.2.0 will be released on October 15

Watch: Hedgehog Robot Would Be Perfect for Exploring Comets

The robot would do a great job on asteroids as well

It's Official, There Are Now Nine Astronauts Aboard the ISS

The station was last home to this many astronauts in 2013

Watch: Tips and Tricks on Improving Brain Power

Video offers a scientific take on how best to study

1,800-Year-Old Stone Sarcophagus Unearthed in Israel

The sarcophagus was found by construction workers

Elusive Vampire Squirrel Caught on Film in Indonesia - Video

These fluffy creatures are rumored to drink blood

GTA V Online Delivers Sales and Rewards to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend

Gamers can get weapons, cars, boats and planes for cheap

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and the Limits of Pre-Orders

Companies should not pressure gamers to pay ahead of launch

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is one of the most expected video game launches of the coming months, the first sequel to a successful reboot for the franchise that has both long-term fans and new converts, all of them eager to start experiencing the new adventures of main character Adam Jensen and see how the augmented world evolves around them.

The developers at Eidos Montreal and publisher Square Enix could have simply announced that they are aiming to launch the title on February 23 of next year and that they are ready to offer a range of extra content and physical world goodies for those who are planni...

Is Windows 10's Privacy Issue Reason Enough to Move to Linux?

The short answer is no; the long answer is still no

Windows 10 has a privacy issue, no matter if Microsoft agrees with this or not, but it’s pretty clear that the existing configuration of the operating system isn’t quite what users have been expecting when they decided to upgrade.

If you install Windows 10 and use it as is, the operating system scans for, collects, and sends a shocking amount of information from your computer to Microsoft, including browsing history, spoken voice commands for Cortana, some typed words, and your location, which, let’s be honest, isn’t quite the thing you’d like your operating system to do...

Google's New Logo Is a Lesson in Modern Design

The perfect shapes, the perfect colors, the perfect font

Google recently released a new logo, which features a new, playful typeface, and a pretty cool new G icon. While most people online seem to have a positive reaction to it, most of them have no idea why this is so. In our short editorial, we'll explain why the new Google logo is a lesson in modern design, all based on proven design theories.

We'll also be quoting the company's famous Design team, the very same fellows responsible for the remarkable and beautiful Material Design guidelines, used today by most Android developers.

In crafting the new logo, the designers had a series of goals...

Hollywood's Obsession with Video Game Movies Is Kicking into Full Swing

A look at the past, present, and future of game-based films

Video games may represent one of the newest entertainment mediums, but in the last few decades, they've achieved growth and profits that rival only movies. As such, in recent years, more and more films based on games are appearing in theaters, approaching production, or are still stuck in their own development hell.

The last week was filled with new information about movies based on games, and we can finally say that Hollywood's executives are starting to really dig into the gaming industry and its attractive properties.

The past is littered with good and bad projects

Basing a movie on a vi...

Is the Apple TV Still Relevant?

Hint: Not unless Apple is going from the set-top box to the one and only home device that matters in your living room

Apple had the chance of building something great in your living room for a while. However, the Apple TV was always just a hobby for the Cupertino folks. With so many HDMI TV sticks and boxes, why is the Apple TV still relevant on the market? Long story short: This is Apple"s way to get closer to the biggest screen in your house. 

Rumors about the release of a real TV with a built-in display and the functionality of the black box we currently find on the market were wide spread for over two years. But Apple did not release any new device. 

The "Why"

Apple is not afraid to co...

Rise of the Nomophobics: Should We Be Worried?

At the end of the day, we’re all a little nomophobic

You might not have heard of it just yet, but there is a new disorder circling us: it’s called nomophobia and it’s what happens when we get anxious over being without our beloved smartphones. 

A shorter definition is the fear of being without mobile phone contact. No more texting, no more calling people whenever we want to, no more checking our social media accounts on the go, and no more googling random stuff just to make the time pass. 

Researchers warn it can get pretty bad

Nomophobia is short for no-mobile-phone phobia. As noted, the term describes the fear / anxiety some p...

Does an HTC Note Phablet Make Sense?

HTC could give Samsung a run for its money

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 launch left a lot of people disappointed. But it’s not like we didn’t see this coming. With the Galaxy S6, Samsung chose to sacrifice function for factor and ended up losing the much cherished microSD card slot and removable battery.

Interestingly enough, even if people love having these features on board, device manufacturers clearly don’t think these attributes are of such great importance. If we’re to look around to all the flagships that have seen the light of day this year, only the LG G4 sports these two features. Which is odd, given that there&r...

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Logic Pro X

A fully-featured recoding studio that provides a complete set of tools for musicians who need to write, record, edit and mix music
Logic Pro X

iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)

Free and easy-to-use firmware update files (IPSWs) designed for quickly installing the latest iOS version on your iPhone and/or iPod device
iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)


A very popular online service that offers you the possibility to listen to the music you like and then share the tracks with your friends.

Undelete Plus

Thoroughly scan hard drives to find files you have accidentally erased and quickly restore them with this reliable and user-friendly software solution
Undelete Plus

Mozilla Firefox

Secure and fast web browser that comes with all the necessary tools and features to fulfill all your Internet browsing needs, improve your overall browsing experience and replace Safari on your Mac
Mozilla Firefox

System Mechanic Professional

Five complete products in one software package: everything you'll ever need to easily keep your PC safe, fast and, of course, error-free
System Mechanic Professional

McAfee Total Protection

An effective protection solution against virus, online and network threats, which also features anti-spam and firewall components
McAfee Total Protection


File download accelerator with browser integration, task scheduler, automatic post-task actions, malware checker, MD5 and SHA1 verifier, Clipboard and browser monitoring, media grabber, video sniffer, and task cleaner


Minimalist yet very powerful application designed to make it quick and effortless to backup and restore bootable Windows partitions on Mac OS X

VMware Fusion

Enables you to seamlessly run Windows, Solaris, Linux and Netware operating systems on top of Apple's OS X and your Mac's hardware
VMware Fusion


A handy cross-platform application that enables you to store, edit, manage and share information across devices and with other users


A lightweight and very easy to use music player that comes with support for multiple file types, such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG or WAV

Apple Mac OS X Update

An easy-to-install OS X system update that improves your Mac's overall stability, compatibility and security, as well as better support for various multimedia formats
Apple Mac OS X Update


Provides a modern GUI for musicians during live performances and access to a plethora of tools for managing hardware devices and applying high quality sound effects.

Panda Global Protection

Antivirus protection, firewall, document backup, anti-spam and portable devices protection, all in a single package ready to safeguard your computer
Panda Global Protection
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  • EagleGet
  • Winclone
  • VMware Fusion
  • Evernote
  • Vox
  • Apple Mac OS X Update
  • MainStage
  • Panda Global Protection
  • Logic Pro X
  • iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)
  • Spotify
  • Undelete Plus
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • System Mechanic Professional
  • McAfee Total Protection
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Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
17 hits
Sep 2015

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
43 hits
Sep 2015

Huawei Mate S

Huawei Mate S
18 hits
Sep 2015

Sony Xperia Z5

Sony Xperia Z5
413 hits
Aug 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+
Aug 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note5

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Review
Aug 2015

Xiaomi Mi4i - A Truly

Xiaomi Mi4i Review - A Truly
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