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Batch HXS TO DOC Convertor 2015.7.720.1628

Small-sized and clean application which enables you to easily convert HXS files to a DOC format, w...

July 30th, 20:07 GMT

O&O DriveLED Professional Edition [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] 4.2 Build 157

Analyze the status of your hard drives, monitor their temperature and view S.M.A.R.T. data, with t...

July 30th, 19:44 GMT

Blur for Chrome 4.9.1770

Prevent the secret tracking of your browsing activity on various websites by blocking cookies and ...

July 30th, 19:29 GMT

Vectir Free

Remotely control the computer from a nearby smartphone or tablet connected via Wireless, Bluetooth...

July 30th, 19:13 GMT

Rocrail Revision 9555

Model railroad control system that comes with support for automatic and manual modes for controlli...

July 30th, 18:57 GMT

1AVStreamer [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!]

Designed for live video streaming, this application also allows screenshot capturing, audio or vid...

July 30th, 18:47 GMT

OrientDB Community Edition 2.0.13 / 2.1 RC 6 / 2.2 Alpha

A reliable and fast NoSQL database engine that comes with an open-source license to allow any admi...

July 30th, 18:33 GMT

Rip Studio 1.00

Design photo collages, posters, photo or book covers and many more with the help of this user-frie...

July 30th, 18:14 GMT
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Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Alpha 2

A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment

July 30th, 19:28 GMT

Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.7

An enterprise-class Linux distribution from Oracle, based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

July 30th, 18:43 GMT

Kubuntu 15.10 Alpha 2

A special flavor of popular Ubuntu Linux operating system that features the KDE Plasma desktop env...

July 30th, 18:19 GMT

Lubuntu 15.10 Alpha 2

The Wily Werewolf edition of the Lubuntu Linux operating system, built on top of LXDE

July 30th, 18:17 GMT

Ubuntu Kylin 15.10 Alpha 2

The Wily Werewolf edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system for Chinese-speaking users

July 30th, 18:16 GMT

Ubuntu MATE 15.04

A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment

July 30th, 17:51 GMT

LibreOffice 4.4.5 / 5.0.0 RC4

An open source office suite that provides a good alternative to commercial office tools on Linux, ...

July 30th, 13:05 GMT

Goggles Music Manager 1.0.7

A music player and organizer application written in FOX for any desktop environment

July 30th, 11:48 GMT
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  • mac

Adobe Flash Player Debugger / Beta

A debugging utility that can run as a standalone application on your Mac OS X computer and enables...

July 30th, 20:06 GMT
  • mac

Adobe AIR SDK / Beta

Adobe vetted software toolkit designed to provide all utilities needed by developers to design, bu...

July 30th, 19:57 GMT
  • mac

Aku Shaper 2.2.9

The software part of a hardware surf board shaping package that enables you to easily design high ...

July 30th, 19:41 GMT
  • mac

Sketch 3.3.3 Build 12081 / 3.4 Build 14672 Beta

An easy to use graphic editing application for Mac OS X that enables you to work with multiple lay...

July 30th, 19:05 GMT
  • mac

PhpStorm 9.0.1 Build 141.2204

A PHP, HTML and JavaScript editor with reliable code analysis, automatic refactoring for PHP and J...

July 30th, 18:53 GMT
  • mac

IDrive [DISCOUNT: 79% OFF!]

Effortlessly schedule automated online backups for your documents and also recover your deleted fi...

July 30th, 18:18 GMT
  • mac

EazyDraw 7.6.0

Powerful yet very easy to use Mac OS X application that enables you to create vector drawings that...

July 30th, 17:34 GMT
  • mac

DEVONagent Pro 3.9.2

An efficient internet search assistant that is featuring a very organized user interface, simple f...

July 30th, 16:10 GMT
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Mortal Online Client Beta

A first-person MMORPG in which you get to see combat from a different and more exciting point of v...

July 30th, 18:23 GMT

Shards of War Update 33

A MOBA on the military-tech side of things which brings plenty of changes to the genre

July 30th, 17:06 GMT

Rift: ECHOES OF MADNESS 3.3 Hotfix 5

Prove your worth as a fearsome warrior in this unique MMORPG featuring a dynamic world and plenty ...

July 30th, 16:48 GMT

Pathfinder Role-Playing Game 12.0

Enjoy the new Pathfinder Role-Playing Game

July 30th, 15:56 GMT

OpenTTD 1.5.1 / Nightly r27346

A clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe business simulation game that expands the original Transport Ty...

July 30th, 14:15 GMT

Nosgoth 29.07.2015 Update

A fast-paced action game in which the best human warriors take on the darkest of vampires

July 30th, 13:45 GMT

Odds Wizard 2.50 Build

Generate odds and statistics for upcoming fixtures in a variety of sports with this algorithm-driv...

July 30th, 12:54 GMT

GameEx 14.33

Organize your emulators and enjoy them in a more modern home theater interface with this handy app...

July 30th, 11:38 GMT
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ASUS Z97-A Realtek HD Audio Driver for Windows 10

Sound Card

July 30th, 20:04 GMT

ASUS Z97-A Intel Chipset Driver 10.0.27 for Windows 10


July 30th, 19:54 GMT

ASUS Z97-A Intel Chipset Driver for Windows 10


July 30th, 19:39 GMT

ASUS Z97-A Intel ME Driver Beta for Windows 10


July 30th, 19:32 GMT

ASUS Z97-A Intel ME Driver for Windows 10


July 30th, 19:22 GMT

ASUS Z97-A Intel Graphics Driver

Graphics Board

July 30th, 19:09 GMT

ASUS Z97-A Realtek HD Audio Driver

Sound Card

July 30th, 19:02 GMT

ASUS Z97-A Intel Chipset Driver


July 30th, 18:56 GMT
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Mako Framework 4.5.5

A lightweight PHP 5 MVC framework

July 30th, 19:35 GMT

Kango 1.7.9

An open-source cross-platform browser extensions and add-ons framework, with appropriate support f...

July 30th, 18:35 GMT

modulejs 1.9.0

A very small system for organizing JavaScript code into modules, easy to add to any plugin, librar...

July 30th, 17:39 GMT

Narayana 5.2.0

This is a tool for connecting service-oriented C/C++ with enterprise Java

July 30th, 16:11 GMT

Open Real Estate 1.12.0

A powerful real estate management platform, available under a free GPL version, and a few commerci...

July 30th, 15:16 GMT

OpenUI5 1.28.12

A JavaScript-based frontend UI framework that heavily relies on HTML5 for building modern, good lo...

July 30th, 14:12 GMT

Hupso Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebook & Google+ 4.0.3

A social sharing toolkit for WordPress sites

July 30th, 13:42 GMT

AngularJS 1.4.3

A powerful JavaScript MVC framework developed by Google for building modern Web applications, for ...

July 30th, 13:06 GMT
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NeuroNation 1.4.22

Train your brain to improve your memory and focus with NeuroNation

March 19th, 08:49 GMT

Flipagram 4.1

Create cool videos by mixing up your photos with music

March 19th, 07:32 GMT

Timer+ 2.1.2

Set up dozens of timers and control them all with ease

March 19th, 07:21 GMT

Nutshell Camera 1.3

Create some pretty cool videos with Nutshell Camera

March 19th, 07:21 GMT

IKEA Catalogue 15.20

Check out the IKEA Catalogue for more than just furniture

March 19th, 07:19 GMT

Complete 2.0.1

Complete puts a social twist to your regular to-do list/ task manager

March 19th, 07:18 GMT

WebMD Baby 2.1

WebMD Baby offers help in how to best tend to your baby

March 19th, 07:17 GMT

POMELO 1.5.1

POMELO helps you take great pictures by providing a bunch of

March 19th, 07:17 GMT
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Social Media 5.4

All of your social media accounts into one place with this app

July 30th, 19:25 GMT

Social Media Vault 1.1.0

A must have app for people who spend a lot of time on social networks and value their privacy

July 30th, 18:32 GMT

To Do Reminder 2.63.2

Never forget a task again with this great app for your Android device

July 30th, 17:43 GMT

Notes 4.0.4

Track your thoughts and ideas with this neat application on your phone

July 30th, 16:35 GMT

ASUS WebStorage

Upload all your files on a cloud account and get instant access to them wherever you are

July 30th, 15:23 GMT

Mobile Security & Antivirus by ESET 3.0.1318.0

Protect your phone and find it in case of theft with this neat application

July 30th, 14:44 GMT

Mobile Security & Antivirus 4.0.7871

Security against unwanted phishing, malware, spyware and malicious viruses

July 30th, 13:48 GMT

Headphones Equalizer 1.8.2

Enhance your music listening experience with this neat application on your phone

July 30th, 13:40 GMT
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My Vehicles

Log all expenses related to the maintenance of your car(s) with a smart app for your phone

May 26th, 13:55 GMT

Easy Shopping

Get a friendly assistant for your shopping sessions and use it on the go, from your phone

May 26th, 12:39 GMT


A complete file management solution that supports local files and OneDrive content

May 26th, 11:40 GMT

HQ Music Downloader

A useful helper for finding and getting the preferred music tracks while on the go

May 26th, 11:40 GMT


Customize you photos with amazing effects and filters then share the pics on the go

May 26th, 11:39 GMT


A useful pack of percentage calculators you can use on your Windows Phone while on the go

May 26th, 09:31 GMT

Account Vault

A simple app made to provide a safe haven for login credentials and other personal data

May 26th, 08:34 GMT

Discovery News

Learn new things about technology, nature, even outer space in Discovery Channel style

May 26th, 07:07 GMT
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Driver Booster 40% OFF

Intuitive program that helps you update all your drivers and game components, activate a silent update mode (popup notifications are disabled) and automatically create a restore point.



only   $ 17.37

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Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Alpha 2 Officially Lands Without Ubuntu Software Center

Developers have replaced with Ubuntu MATE Welcome

Oracle Linux 6.7 Officially Released with Unbreakable Enterprise 3.18.13 Kernel

The operating system is available for download for free

Gnumeric 1.12.23 Open Source Spreadsheet Editor Brings Fuzzed File Hardening

This release also refactors the solver functionality

Zombi (aka ZombiU) Launches on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in August

The old zombie experience is coming to new platforms

PS4 Ships 3 Million Units, Xbox One and 360 Reach 1.4 Million, in the Last Quarter

Sony's console is doubling the performance of its rival

Coolpad Dazen Note 3 with 5.5-Inch HD Display, 2GB RAM Coming Soon to India

The smartphone will be priced under Rs 10,000 ($155 / €140)

Samsung Galaxy J2 Spotted in Benchmark with Android 5.1.1, Quad-Core Exynos 3475 CPU

The smartphone is said to sport a large 5.7-inch qHD display

Ubuntu Software Center Is Really Hated by the Community, but Why?

I would never understand why users don't like USC

Ubuntu MATE recently decided to drop the Ubuntu Software Center and it will no longer be available with the upcoming 15.10 Alpha 2 release. This is interesting in itself, but this editorial is about another aspect. From the looks of it, a very large part of the Ubuntu and Linux community really hates the Ubuntu Software Center.

In case you didn't already know this, the Ubuntu Software Center is a tool in Ubuntu distros that acts both as a store and a package manager. It's one of the first stores that made its way into an operating system and there are even some rumors around that the Mac App ...

Should You Be Buying an Ubuntu Phone Right Now?

You should try the Ubuntu Touch operating system

Lately, I've found myself being asked by readers about how I like the Ubuntu phone I own for some time now, if I’ve already got used to it, and if they should be buying one right now, or if they should wait a little more time. If yes, which one should they buy?

At the moment of writing this editorial, there are three Ubuntu Phone devices on the market, the BQ Aquaris E4.5, Meizu MX4, and BQ Aquaris E5 HD. Each of them is for different markets and people, as the BQ ones are being distributed only in EU (European Union), and the Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition is sold in both China and Europe.


Recreational Marijuana: An Honest Talk

Make no mistake about it, weed is not all fun and games

Earlier this week, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report detailing the death of a 19-year-old in Colorado who jumped from the fourth floor of his building after having consumed a marijuana cookie. 

The cookie contained 65 milligrams of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the active ingredient in marijuana. The teenager was supposed to consume merely a sixth of it but ate it all when, after taking just one bite, he failed to feel any difference. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report concerning this young man’s death lists intoxication wi...

Should You Buy a Snapdragon 810-Powered Smartphone Right Now?

Are you thinking of buying a premium handset?

US chip maker Qualcomm is in big trouble. Albeit supplying chips to the majority of OEMs producing mobile devices today, Qualcomm’s business is on shaky grounds.

The company has just announced that major structural reforms will be taking place inside the company, in the hopes of reducing spending by approximately $1.4 / €1.27 billion.

The silicon producer will be forced to lay off about 4,500 employees, meaning 15% of its entire workforce, which is currently made up of 31,000 full-time and temporary employees.

The troubles started for Qualcomm when low-cost chipmakers like MediaTek made ...

Sorry Not Sorry, Pluto Doesn’t Deserve Being Called a Planet

Astronomers weren’t just being mean when they demoted it

This Tuesday, July 14, the New Horizons probe, launched by NASA in January 2006, made space exploration history when it reached the Pluto system, and flew by the orb and its accompanying moons. 

The spacecraft got as close as 7,750 miles (12,470 kilometers) to Pluto. This allowed it to study the chemical makeup of its atmosphere and image landscapes on its surface in exquisite detail. 

The thing is that, scientific accomplishments aside, this NASA mission to Pluto grabbed headlines for one other very simple reason: we, Earth dwellers, still haven’t quite come to terms that Pluto is n...

BlackBerry’s Mysterious Bendgate: What Causes the Screen to Come Off and How to Fix It

The Passport suffers from an issue that lifts the display

BlackBerry Passport, the Canadian manufacturer’s current flagship device, is selling unexpectedly well, despite its rather unusual dimensions and the premium price. Its performance and feature lineup, however, speak for themselves, so it’s no surprise that the Passport is selling like hot cakes.

It’s a well-known fact that BlackBerry has very loyal customers, so whenever a new phone comes out, they are the first to give it a try. And when a problem is discovered, they don’t jump ship.

The Passport has a problem that many avoid to talk about, even though it seems to be rather ...

Why Samsung Might Rely on a Qualcomm Snapdragon Once Again for Galaxy S7

Samsung has its hands full in the manufacturing department

While the tech world is hotly anticipating the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung is already busy working on and testing next year’s Galaxy S7 flagship.

The handset is seven months away from being unveiled at MWC 2016 and Samsung has recently been said to be testing models with both Qualcomm and Exynos processors under the hood. Which is a very interesting tidbit to mull over.

Is it possible that Samsung is considering going back into the arms of Qualcomm with its next-gen flagship, the Galaxy S7? This is indeed a possibility, even though Exynos processors have been proven quite capable of handling the du...

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ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall

Block hackers and other unknown threats, with comprehensive virus protection as well as with program suspicious behavior monitoring
ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall

VirtualBox for Mac

Cross-platform, free and general-purpose comprehensive virtualizer for x86 hardware, designed to be used for desktop, server or embedded devices
VirtualBox for Mac


A reliable and powerful FTP and FXP client that ensures high transfer speeds without losing from sight data security and ease of use


A well-designed and versatile application that enables you to stay in touch with your team, exchange files and messages in real-time

Undelete Plus

Thoroughly scan hard drives to find files you have accidentally erased and quickly restore them with this reliable and user-friendly software solution
Undelete Plus


An intuitive and easy-to-use application that allows users to create backups, encrypt and compress data, as well as schedule tasks

Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete

Protect your online identity and your system against malware, viruses, adware and worms using this practical, useful and powerful application
Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete

Smart Defrag

Keep your hard disk running at peak performance, defragment the selected partitions and optimize as well as to protect your system in no time
Smart Defrag


A cross-platform and very easy to use application that allows you to record as well as edit audio, while also exporting MP3, WAV or AIFF


File download accelerator with browser integration, task scheduler, automatic post-task actions, malware checker, MD5 and SHA1 verifier, Clipboard and browser monitoring, media grabber, video sniffer, and task cleaner


All-in-one OS X utility that comes packed with all the tools one needs to view, edit, convert, browse and organize large image collections


Provides a plethora of tools that will help you turn ordinary home videos into captivating Hollywood-style trailers that are fun to watch and share.

SPSS Statistics

Statistical data modeller currently used within in government, academic and commercial organizations for analyzing and solving research and business problems
SPSS Statistics

DiskMaker X

OS X tool designed to help you to quickly create a bootable Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks USB disk via an intuitive and powerful user interface
DiskMaker X

McAfee Total Protection

An effective protection solution against virus, online and network threats, which also features anti-spam and firewall components
McAfee Total Protection
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Smart Defrag
  • Smart Defrag
  • Audacity
  • EagleGet
  • GraphicConverter
  • iMovie
  • SPSS Statistics
  • DiskMaker X
  • McAfee Total Protection
  • ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall
  • VirtualBox for Mac
  • FlashFXP
  • Slack
  • Undelete Plus
  • Backup4all
  • Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete
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Huawei Honor 6 Plus

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Sony Xperia E4

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Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM

Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
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Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition Review
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Huawei Honor 6 Plus

Huawei Honor 6 Plus Review
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