3D Paperball for Windows 8 Receives Update, Download Now

A new version of the game is now up for grabs from the store

3D Paperball, a recently released Windows 8 game that’s already popular on the Windows Phone platform, has just received an update that brings several important bug fixes.

The game, which continues to be available on x86, x64, and ARM builds of Microsoft’s latest operating system, now comes with patches to fix the leaderboard displaying wrong country ID next to player names and to prevent game progress from being lost occasionally after the game was exited and restarted.

3D Paperball has already received a significant number of downloads, even though it’s a pretty new application for Windows 8 platforms, so the update is expected to stir up interest of a lot of users.

As usual, the update is available in the Store, so consumers have nothing else to do than to check the “Updates” section of the Windows Store to automatically deploy the latest version.

Click here to view the 3D Paperball for Windows 8 product page in your browser.

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