3DMark for Windows 8 to Be Released in 2013

Futuremark confirms that a new version of its software will be launched next year

Futuremark has already confirmed a long time ago that it would release a dedicated version of its 3DMark benchmarking software for Windows 8, but company officials initially said that this new build would be unveiled in 2012.

Well, Futuremark has just announced in a press release that 3DMark for Windows 8 wouldn’t be released this year, so adopters of the new Microsoft operating system won’t get the app sooner than 2013.

“As final testing continues and we gather feedback from our Benchmark Development Program partners, it is now looking certain that we will not be able to release 3DMark in 2012. Benchmark quality is our number one priority so we are now aiming for a Windows launch in January 2013,” the company said in a press release.

In addition, Futuremark also revealed that it currently works on 3DMark versions aimed at other platforms, including Microsoft’s very own Windows RT and Apple’s iOS.

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