50-50 Split Screen Mode Spotted in Windows Blue Build 9388

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new Snap View mode for Windows 8.1

Word is that Microsoft is developing a brand new split screen mode for the upcoming Windows release and a new leaked screenshot seems to confirm that such a feature is currently in the works.

The photo published on Winclub.pl shows a 50-50 Snap View mode that allows users to run two different applications side by side.

Specifically designed for smaller tablets, the new feature will also be available on Microsoft tablets, as the tech giant is reportedly planning to bring a new range of Surface devices to the market, including 7- and 8-inch units.

As usual, we should all take these rumors with a pinch of salt, as it’s not yet clear whether Microsoft plans to keep this feature in the stable build of Blue or it’s just testing it with these preview flavors.

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