75% of Students Like Windows 8 More than Windows 7

Seton Hall University claims its students prefer Windows 8 over its predecessor

Seton Hall is one of the universities that have already made the move to Windows 8 and according to student feedback, Microsoft’s new operating system is a lot better than its predecessors.

According to a report by TabTimes citing data provided by the New Jersey university, 75 percent of the students have revealed that Windows 8 is better than Windows 7, although specific details on this comparison haven’t been provided.

The Surface RT is also enjoying a terrific success, with 80 percent of the students claiming that the tablet’s screen size, weight and form factor are simply great.

Last but not least, 45 percent of them also said that they sometimes find it inconvenient to move around with the tablet and the keyboard, even though the Surface RT comes with the thinnest keyboard in the world measuring only 3mm.

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