AMD Releases Driver Uninstall Utility

It removes AMD drivers clean and fast, does not require installation

AMD rolled out a simple tool, called AMD CleanUninstall Utility, which, as the name clearly suggests, is specially created to remove any Catalyst drivers from your system in a clean manner. This way you can ready the computer for installing a new driver version.

The program does not require installation as it can run just by launching the executable file. It searches for all AMD drivers and application components, which includes the drivers for the video card, chipset, USB and audio. Software components such as Control Center and HydraVision are also included.

The version for this release is and the total file size is 2.2MB. At the end of the task, you have the possibility to view a report for the job. It contains details such as the running operating system as well as uninstalled packages.

Download AMD CleanUninstall Utility

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