AMD to “Bet Heavily on Windows 8”

Even if the new OS isn’t selling well right now, it’ll soon take off, says AMD

Samsung and Acer have already confirmed that Windows RT wasn’t part of their short-term plans, but there’s one company that still hopes to see Microsoft’s new operating system become a huge success.

According to, AMD will continue to “bet heavily on Windows 8,” so instead of going for Android tablets, the company intends to focus a bit more on Microsoft’s software.

AMD Senior Vice President Lisa Su has admitted that Windows 8 wasn’t doing well very well, but said that the operating system was very likely to eventually take off at some point.

Microsoft hasn’t talked too much about Windows 8’s sale performance and only said that it had managed to sell approximately 60 million copies since launch. While that could sound pretty impressive, there still are some insiders hinting that Windows 8 is actually missing internal sales projections.

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