AccuWeather Gets Full Windows 8.1 Support – Free Download

A new version of the app is now being delivered to Windows 8.1 users

AccuWeather is one of the Modern apps that received updates to work on the new Windows 8.1 too, so a new version is currently being delivered to users who already installed this particular OS version.

As Wind8Apps notes, the new AccuWeather build comes not only with full support for Windows 8.1, but also with stability improvements based on store feedback, which means that it comprises most of the enhancements that users have asked for in previous releases.

“The app is available in 27 languages and we designed it with you in mind because so many decisions are made based on the weather. You get a quick look at current weather conditions for the next 72 hours with an easy swipe to a calendar view of the forecasted conditions for each of the next 25 days,” the app description now reads.

Of course, the app supports both desktops and tablets, so go ahead and download AccuWeather for Windows 8.1 regardless of the OS version you are now running.

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