AccuWeather for Windows 8, the Way It Came to Be – Video

Here’s how developers created the AccuWeather for Windows 8 app

Even though Windows 8 comes with a built-in weather app, AccuWeather enjoys a terrific success on Microsoft’s latest operating system, especially thanks to the great feature package it bundles.

Microsoft has just published a video to showcase the development process of the AccuWeather for Windows 8 application, trying to encourage more software developers to create apps for the new platform.

At this moment, there are approximately 43,000 apps available in the Windows Store, even though Microsoft expected to get more than 100,000 tools by February 2013.

The number of Modern apps, however, is growing at a rather slow pace, while many important programs are completely missing for the time being, including official Twitter and Facebook clients.

Click here to view the AccuWeather for Windows 8 product page in the Store.

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