Acer Advises Microsoft to Stick to Software, Says Hardware Is “Hard Rice”

Hardware manufacturers aren’t quite pleased with Microsoft’s hardware efforts

Microsoft’s decision to build its own hardware for the company’s first tablet ever didn’t please some hardware manufacturers and Acer officials have already expressed their feelings on this.

Acer’s President for Greater China, Linxian Lang, continues to talk about Microsoft’s first steps in the hardware market and suggests that the Redmond-based technology company would better stick to software for the time being.

He compared the hardware market with “hard rice,” Sina Tech reports, so Microsoft could have a hard time digesting it.

Microsoft building its own hardware is not at all a bad thing for the end user, but it could be a severe hit for other hardware manufacturers on the market, as they could experience disappointing sales for products competing with Microsoft’s new devices.

The Surface for instance rivals with Acer’s Iconia tablet.

Acer’s CEO said last month that Microsoft is so powerful that it could kill everyone in the industry and the Surface tablet is only the first step towards the total destruction of the hardware ecosystem. More on this is available here.

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