Acronis Confirms Windows 8 Bug, Promises Patch

Windows 8’s Secure Booth blocks Acronis True Image 2013 from loading

A few days ago we learned that Windows 8’s very own anti-rootkit feature called Secure Boot blocked Acronis True Image 2013 from starting its recovery system, even though the company claims the software is fully compatible with Microsoft’s new operating system.

Of course, Acronis’ application is not the only tool that’s blocked by Secure Boot as the feature basically prevents any Linux-based recovery environment from loading.

Acronis has confirmed the bug for PC Pro and promised to issue a fix sometime in February.

“It’s a problem that’s affected several vendors that use custom unsigned loaders including ourselves. The good news is that we already have a solution that we are testing internally. We plan to release it [at] the beginning of February and roll it up in a general update on the beginning of March,” Acronis' senior vice president of research and development, told the source.

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