Add Start Button to Windows 8

Shutdown option in context menu, quick access to installed apps

As Windows 8 no longer features the iconic “Start” button it fell into the hands of third-party developers to come up with a substitute.

Stardock seems to be the first company to tackle the problem as they released Start8, an application specially designed to bring back the Start orb from Windows Vista and 7. However, its functionality is not the same, as it does not provide the menu you’re accustomed to in previous versions of Windows.

That is not to deny its benefits altogether because Start8 enables quick access to installed programs and search function. Additionally, it can help you turn off the computer in fewer clicks by making the Shutdown option available in the context menu of the button.

The program is free of charge and it is in beta stage of development at the moment, so some quirks may still be present.

Download Start8

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