Add Transparency to Windows 8.1 Menus with This Free App

Moo0 Transparent Menu brings more customization power on Windows 8.1 computers

If you’ve just installed Windows 8.1 and you are now looking for ways to customize the operating system, here’s one of the apps that could really lend you a hand.

Moo0 Transparent Menu is a very easy-to-use application that adds transparency to your Windows 8.1 system menus without hampering computer performance at all.

Of course, the program packs options to let you set the transparency level, but also offers several pre-defined color themes to completely change the looks of your context menus.

Moo0 Transparent Menu adds an icon in the System Tray and even comes with a dedicated setting to run automatically at boot and thus maintain transparency after a reboot or shutdown.

The app seems to work just fine on Windows 8.1, so simply download Moo0 Transparent Menu if you’re looking to customize the operating system with style.

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