Adobe Flash Player 11.7.700.202 Released

It fixes video rendering issues under Chrome browser

The stable version for Adobe Flash Player has been updated to build 11.7.700.202, which addresses various problems touching on functionality and security.

Among the list of repairs is an issue with the MSI executable that would occasionally fail on install and uninstall procedure.

In Google Chrome, video cropping action would lead to rendering distortions visible at the bottom and right part of the clip. On the same note, on Windows XP audio would become distorted and stuttering.

The new Flash Player has already been updated in Google’s product and this issue should now be eliminated.

In the case of FLV files played back within an AcrionScript2 application the video would sometime freeze while audio kept on playing.

Additional video rendering problems that received a fix in this revision refer to a scenario with hardware acceleration being disabled and video played through a StageVideo object. Under such circumstances video rendering could fail or become choppy.

Adobe also released an update for the beta channel of Flash Player, incrementing the build number to 11.8.800.50. The full release notes for both revisions are available here.

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