Adobe Flash Player Released for Download

Today, Adobe has released a few security improvements for its software

Adobe a few months ago decided to match its security update cycle with Microsoft’s, so the company releases patches for its products every second Tuesday of each month.

As a result, Adobe has rolled out today an update for Flash Player, thus fixing a number of security issues it found in the app and trying to keep users on the safe side when loading Flash content online.

The official release notes are not yet available right now, as the updated build has been published on Adobe’s server only a few minutes ago, but more information will most likely be provided in the coming hours.

As you probably know, Microsoft will also include this Flash Player version in its Patch Tuesday rollout, as the software giant decided to patch Internet Explorer via its built-in Windows Update system. This way, Internet Explorer users do not have to manually download the new Flash Player build, as the same version will be delivered to their computer later today with the other Patch Tuesday fixes.

Microsoft will start shipping Patch Tuesday updates in approximately six hours.

On the other hand, everybody else can download Adobe Flash Player right away to make sure they’re on the safe side while browsing the web.

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