Adobe Premiere Pro CC 7.2.1 Released for Download

Adobe has launched a new version of its cloud-based solution

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 7.2.1 is now available for all users, bringing some very important fixes and performance improvements on all Windows versions.

This particular version of Adobe’s new solution only works on 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 and even though no dedicated support is currently offered for Windows 8.1, no compatibility issues have been detected until now.

On the other hand, the application continues to provide the same rich feature package, with options including multiple project panel windows, export frame button, project manager, 32-bit internal color processing, GPU-accelerated media processing broad native format support and compatibility with the formats using by most DSLR cameras.

Overall, every single update released by the parent company clearly comes in handy to all users, so download Adobe Premiere Pro CC 7.2.1 Build 4 right now to see what’s new.

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