Adobe Reader Updated on Windows 8.1 – Free Download

Adobe has released a new version for its touch version of Reader

Adobe Reader Touch has received a new update this morning on Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1, as the parent company has implemented a series of improvements and bug fixes.

The new Adobe Reader Touch is currently delivered to customers via the Windows Store and in case you’ve already made the move to Windows 8.1, the update is automatically downloaded and installed on your device.

The official release notes only point to some bug fixes, so no new features are part of this new build. And still, everyone should get the update, especially if they encountered issues with previous versions.

The feature package remains basically unchanged, so you can still open PDF documents, add notes, highlight, strikeout, and underline text, search for words, create bookmarks and open links with just one tap.

Of course, it’s still free of charge, so go ahead and download Adobe Reader Touch for Windows 8.1 right now.

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