After Killing Hotmail, Microsoft Now Retires Linked Accounts

The tech giant will instead make aliases a key feature for its email platform

Microsoft has soon switched all users from Hotmail to, so the company is now ready to focus all its efforts on a single email platform.

Today, the Softies announced that linked accounts in will no longer be supported, so consumers are now recommended to start using aliases.

Microsoft detailed in a blog post the reasons for dropping linked accounts support, calling user account security a top priority for the company. In addition, the tech giant is trying to make everyone use just a single Microsoft account for their devices, it explained in the post.

“We believe that aliases provide a more robust and secure capability for managing multiple email addresses. You can send and receive email from different addresses and keep it all organized the way you like. And all of this is tied to a single Microsoft account that has your latest and most up-to-date security info”, it added.

The company will start sending emails to notify users about the change in the coming days, so make sure you check your inboxes to find out all details about this new update.

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