Alabama Is Officially the 10th State to Join Forces with Microsoft

Alabama high schools to use Microsoft Office software

Microsoft continues its efforts to provide high school students with software solutions, as Alabama is officially the 10th state to join forces with the Redmond-based technology company for a long-term partnership in this regard.

A total of 143 high schools statewide will receive Microsoft’s Office productivity suite, which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint tools.

“It’s so important that we prepare students for the workplace. I’ve said it so often that all education should be workforce training. All education, whether it’s English, math or whatever it is, should be to prepare students to — if they wish — to get out and get a job. I think it’s so important that students have the opportunity to choose a career path in technology,” Governor Robert Bentley said.

Microsoft claims the partnership is supposed to prepare students for the highly competitive job market and become both college and career-ready, so the company is now looking into ways to expand the program to some other states as well.

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