Analyst Blames Windows RT for Microsoft's Decline

Microsoft's tablet-oriented OS has until now failed to excite

Windows RT is yet to impress on the tablet market and some important manufacturers have actually refused to develop new products running this particular OS.

This is one of the reasons why Microsoft has started to lose ground, Cowen analyst Gregg Moskowitz explained, while also adding that investors are actually expecting the Redmond-based tech giant to succeed in the tablet market too.

"The new Windows RT operating system has not been the hit MSFT had hoped for,” Moskowitz noted.

Microsoft has significantly improved Windows RT with the new 8.1 update cycle, bringing several enhancements specifically designed to make the OS easier to use.

Windows RT 8.1 is set to hit the market later this year, with RTM already confirmed for August.

Word is that Microsoft is also preparing a second-generation Surface tablet powered by the revamped version of Windows RT, with launch expected to take place in October.

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