And Yet, There’s Someone Who Thinks That Ballmer Has Done a Great Job at Microsoft

Former Microsoftie explained that Ballmer’s job was “incredibly difficult”

Ever since Steve Ballmer announced his decision to retire from the CEO role at Microsoft, analysts and experts around the world criticized him on a regular basis, pointing to the decline the company recorded in the last few years.

And yet, there is someone who thinks that Ballmer shouldn’t be criticized so much, as managing such a large company is not an easy task at all.

Brad Silverberg, a former senior Windows executive and co-founder of Seattle venture capital firm Ignition Partners, told Reuters in an interview that whoever comes after Ballmer will have a very tough job, as keeping Microsoft on the right path isn’t at all easy with so many divisions and product.

“I'm not sure there is someone who can do Steve's (Ballmer's) job 'better'. It's an incredibly difficult job, perhaps intractable. Perhaps the way the job is defined needs to change, and this is the harbinger of bigger changes to come,” Silverberg said.

As far as Ballmer’s successor is concerned, no one is favorite to get the CEO seat right now, but analysts believe that Microsoft wants an internal employee. Former Windows boss Steven Sinofsky, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be too interested in such a job.

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