Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows 8 Updated, Download Now

Rovio adds more levels and new content for Windows 8 users

Angry Birds Star Wars landed in the Windows Store a few months ago, but no update has been released in the meantime, even though Android and iOS versions received fresh content on a regular basis.

Today, Rovio rolled out a major update for this particular flavor of Angry Birds, providing adopters of Microsoft's new operating system with some new goodies.

Specifically, Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows 8 now allows players to explore all new episodes, including those available in Hoth and Cloud City. In addition, you can unlock the new Boba Fett Missions by collecting all hidden rocket packs, the release notes explain.

Angry Birds Star Wars can be downloaded and installed on all Windows 8 builds, so you can play it not only on a desktop computer, but also on Windows RT tablets such as Microsoft's Surface RT.

Click here to view and download Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows 8.

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