Another Fake VLC for Windows 8 App Available for Download

One more multimedia player that copies VideoLAN’s app shows up in the Store

Even though an official VLC media player for Windows 8 is yet to be released, some software developers across the world are trying to make the most of VideoLAN’s success with similar apps that copy one or more of the original features.

After VLC Media Player 8 was completely removed from the Store, another app called Windows 8 Player is trying to trick people into believing that they’re actually downloading the original VLC player app.

While the interface is rather minimal and uses a rather simple approach, the app’s icon is the same one used by the official VLC multimedia player.

What’s more, the app is not even available for free and comes with a price tag of $1.49 (€1.10), promising to play all video and audio formats currently on the market.

Check out the official VLC for Windows 8 app product page in your browser.

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