App Launcher Available in Google Chrome Dev

It includes search function, shows list of apps in Chrome

The latest dev version for Google Chrome brings to the table a little more than the repairs we already reported. It also makes available a launcher that can not only store the apps in Chrome but also open them outside the web browser.

At the moment it is present only for Windows platform, but support for Linux and Mac should be coming pretty soon.

In order to have it on the system, you need to install a Chrome-packaged app because they can deliver native-like experience at the same time preserving the security properties of a web page. Some examples of such apps are CIRC (IRC client) and Text Drive (text editor). They can function outside the web browser as well as work offline.

As soon as you attempt to add these apps to Chrome, you are prompted to install the launcher (includes search function), which creates a shortcut on the desktop. Check the images in the gallery below.

Download Google Chrome for Windows

Download Google Chrome for Mac
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Google Chrome App Launcher (3 Images)

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