April 8 No Different than April 7 to Windows XP Users, Says Security Expert

Panda Security engineers says that threats won’t emerge so fast

Microsoft warns that Windows XP could become a vulnerable operating system any time now, especially because it no longer provides security updates and patches, but one security expert believes that not much is changed after April 8, the date when the company pulled the plug on its ancient operating system.

Hervé Lambert, retail product marketing manager at Panda Security, said in a statement that there’s no difference between April 7 and April 8 for Windows XP users, as the only thing that Microsoft did was to stop releasing patches for this particular OS version.

He suggests that it could take a while until threats supposed to exploit vulnerabilities in this operating system are found, so users still have time to upgrade to another platform.

“Windows XP’s end of life does not mean that computers will stop working from one day to the next. April 8 will be no more dangerous for Windows XP users than April 7. The only thing that’s going to happen is that, officially, Microsoft is no longer going to support XP and there will be no more updates,” he said.

However, Windows XP is still powering 28 percent of desktop computers worldwide, so everybody should upgrade as soon as possible until new flaws are found in the operating system.

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