Attack of the Clones: Windows 8 Store Spammed with Duplicate Software

Tens of copies of the same app reach the Windows Store

Microsoft previously said that the number of apps available in the Windows Store is not at all relevant because it’s the quality of these apps that’s the most important in the end.

The overall quality of the Windows Store, however, seems to lose some precious points as plenty of duplicates are actually submitted and approved to be released to Windows 8 users.

WinAppUpdate has found that LunaPlena, one of the Windows 8 app developers, has submitted a total of 118 apps to the Store, out of which only 3 are substantially different from the others. This means that approximately 115 apps are almost identical to the company’s other tools, as they feature only subtle design changes.

This isn’t the first example, the source explains, but a simple Windows Store search for “LunaPlena” should demonstrate that Microsoft isn’t paying so much attention to “quality” after all.

If there’s something that deserves to be praised in this story, it’s the “Report” button displayed on the product page of each app. Feel free to use it in case you think an app violates the terms of use.

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