Avant Browser Updated to Build 196

It updates Webkit version, fixes a handful of issues

Avant browser received an update to build 196 on the last day of 2012. No new features have been integrated and the latest release sports only repairs. The developer also improved the application by updating the Webkit engine.

As far as the repairs are concerned, the new revision fixed the issue with the back history disappearing after re-opening the last closed page, while in Chrome mode. On the same note, the login form flashing trouble has been removed.

In IE10 mode, dragging and dropping the text in order to open it in a new tab would end with it being left in the screen. Users should no longer have trouble loading up Unicode domain names.

The most significant problem the developer dealt with was a crash issue triggered by the “Save as” dialog.

You can view the release log on this page. Download Avant Browser from here; also available in portable form.

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