Avast! Internet Security 8.0.1497 Available for Download

Avast Software has rolled out a new version of its Internet Security app

A new version of Avast! Internet Security is now available for download, bringing several improvements and bug fixes on all Windows versions on the market.

Avast Software is yet to provide us with specifics on this new build, but given the fact that it’s only a minor update, expect it to be specifically focused on fixing bugs and optimizing performance in specific scenarios.

Version 8.0.1497 continues to be compatible with all Windows builds on the market, so you can install it on both XP and Windows 8. 32- and 64-bit flavors of the operating system are compatible as well.

Those who are trying to get a glimpse into the future lineup of the next Avast! Internet Security release can also download the 9.0 beta version that packs a redesigned UI and several new features.

Update: the official release notes are now available, revealing that this new build comes with fixes for Windows 8 and 8.1, while also repairing issues in the virtualization module and in the Script shield.

Download Avast! Internet Security 8.0.1497

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