Avast Users: Obama Will Win the Election, but They’re Voting for Romney

The survey was conducted on 100,000 Avast users, out of 11 million

The Presidential Elections are here. Avast CEO Vincent Steckler has revealed that a survey conducted over the weekend on 100,000 users showed that their favorite was Mitt Romney, although most of them believed that Obama would win.

The results in the survey are pretty tight, as 48.9% of the users sided with the Republicans, while 46.1% would vote for the Democrats. There is no mention of what the rest of 5% would do, but they’re probably not allowed to vote just yet.

These numbers, however, are at odds with their belief as to who the next US president will be, because 47.6% think it’ll be Obama, while 39.6% are sure of Mitt Romney’s success. Wrap your brains on that one.

Avast’s CEO admits that this survey is not scientific, could be biased and does not reflect Avast’s or his position on US elections – but it’s funny because of its inherent paradox.

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