Awesome Concept Proves That Hotmail Deserves to Live On

Check out a new design concept that imagines a Metro Hotmail app

Microsoft has developed plenty of Metro apps for its new Windows 8 operating system, some of which are installed by default in the platform that went live on October 26.

While the company hasn’t created an or Hotmail Modern app to allow users to access their inboxes with just a few taps, fans around the world have been hard at work to sketch concepts that would imagine what such an app could look like.

This Hotmail client, for example, has all the features a Modern Hotmail app would need, including a very appealing design, a search box, and the essential controls at the bottom of the screen.

Sadly, it has absolutely no chance to see daylight, not only because Microsoft doesn’t plan to release a Modern Hotmail app, but also because the company is planning to kill the email service altogether.

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