Ballmer Changes His Mind: Surface Reception Was “Fantastic”

Surface sales aren’t “modest,” Microsoft says in a new statement

Steve Ballmer said in an interview with French publication Le Parisien that sales of the Surface tablets are “modest,” but Microsoft claims that we all got the wrong message.

A Microsoft spokesperson told PocketNow that Ballmer was actually trying to say that the company’s approach in ramping up supply was modest, while sales are actually remaining very strong.

“When asked about Surface, Steve’s use of the term “modest” was in relation to the company’s approach in ramping up supply and distribution of Surface with Windows RT, which has only been available via our online store and certain Microsoft retail stores in the U.S.,” the Microsoft spokesperson was quoted as saying.

“While our approach has been modest, Steve notes the reception to the device has been “fantastic” which is why he also stated that ‘soon, it will be available in more countries and in more stores.’”

The Surface is currently in stock all over the world, but suppliers are actually suggesting that the tablet is barely reaching 60 percent of the initial sales forecasts.

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