Ballmer Named One of the Worst CEOs of 2012

Steve Ballmer has made quite a lot of bad decisions lately, a new report says

Some analysts have suggested a few days ago that Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO since January 1, 2000, may be forced to retire a bit earlier in case Windows 8 doesn’t take off soon enough.

And according to Herb Greenberg and his very own annual “Worst CEO List” ranking published on CNBC, Steve Ballmer has made quite a lot of bad decisions.

In fact, Ballmer has been selected as one of the worst CEOs of the year, but luckily for him, Andrew Mason of Groupon has managed to prove “his incompetence as a CEO” with several occasions.

So why Ballmer, you may ask. It’s pretty simple, Greenberg explains. Windows 8 is yet to deliver that great performance everybody has been expecting, the company’s shares have fallen by more than 40 percent since he became CEO and Microsoft has spent quite a fortune on smaller startups that seem useless for the time being.

What’s your take on this? Should Ballmer leave or not? Express your opinion using the comment box below.

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