Ballmer, Other Executives to Leave Microsoft When New CEO Is Found – Report

It turns out that several top executives will resign when a new CEO is appointed

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer will indeed resign from the CEO position when a successor is found, but it turns out that the man who has been in charge of the Redmond-based tech giant will leave the company completely very soon.

A report posted by Recode indicates that Steve Ballmer and other executives close to him are planning to retire when a successor is finally chosen, although it’s not yet clear whether this is indeed their choice or the decision comes as result of pressure made by the board.

Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates is also planning to get involved more at the company when the new CEO is appointed, in an attempt to make sure that the transformation into a devices and services firm goes on as planned.

As far as the new CEO is concerned, people familiar with the matter are indicating that cloud boss Satya Nadella has the biggest chances to replace Ballmer, especially after Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally ruled himself out of the CEO race.

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