Ballmer: Windows 8 Has Five Times More Apps than at Launch Bloomberg

The CEO claims that the number of apps available on Windows 8 is constantly increasing

There’s no doubt that the number of apps available in the Windows Store is increasing every day and according to some unofficial reports, there are more than 35,000 titles available right now for Windows 8 users.

But Steve Ballmer has confirmed that Windows 8’s Store is getting more and more apps, revealing that some important applications, including Twitter and CNN, would be released soon.

The Microsoft CEO told Bloomberg that the number of apps available on the company’s new operating system has increased approximately five times since Windows 8 went live in October 2012.

Several important apps are still missing from the Store, with Google announcing a couple of weeks ago that it has no intention to continue releasing software for Windows 8.

Facebook has adopted a similar strategy, as it revealed that an official client for its popular social network wouldn’t be released soon.

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