BatteryCare 0.9.12 Available for Download

Improves startup time and time estimation algorithm

BatteryCare received a new update over the weekend, which brings to the table a couple of improvements as well as a small set of fixes.

According to the developer, the new version should start up to four times faster. Additional improvements touch on the algorithm behind time estimation, which should be more accurate now.

BatteryCare works on Windows 8 but, until this release, the remaining time to suspend was calculated incorrectly. The developer also worked on fixing the detailed statistics, which were not properly updated.

Stability improvements are also present in BatteryCare 0.9.12 and consist of eliminating a bug that caused the application to crash when an external hard disk would be disconnected from the USB port.

You can download BatteryCare from this page; a portable version is also available for download.

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