BatteryCare 0.9.13 Available for Download

Developer fixes problem with showing HDD temperature

A new version has been released for BatteryCare today. It does not make available new features but integrates a couple of repairs, one of them for an issue with showing the hard disk temperature.

As such, BatteryCare 0.9.13 should no longer have trouble displaying the hard disk temperature on any of the systems it runs on.

Also fixed is the problem with statistical time calculation, which in some cases could be locked at 0:00.

Apart from bringing these repairs to the table, the developer also updated the Intel CPU list. Now it includes the latest Q1'13 Intel Core i Series and Celeron and Pentium CPUs as well.

Minor corrections have been made as far as the foreign working languages are concerned.

You can download BatteryCare from this page; a portable version is also available for download.

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