Best Buy Explains the Lack of Windows 8 Devices

Microsoft is reportedly blaming the hardware industry for Windows 8’s slow start

Despite Microsoft’s 40 million Windows 8 sold units, Redmond sources point out that Microsoft’s new OS actually missed internal sales projections and company executives apparently claim the hardware industry is at fault for this.

Jason Bonfig, Best Buy’s vice president of merchant computing, said in an interview with Time that blaming hardware manufacturers is wrong, especially because they had to deal with several manufacturing issues.

It appears that some companies are still struggling to increase production for larger touchscreens, such as the ones needed for Windows 8 devices, so the lack of such units is somehow understandable.

What’s more, some manufacturers have even avoided to build large touchscreens, especially because this kind of technology could sometimes be defective, Bonfig told the source.

“The launch date in the October timeframe for Windows 8 was very limited, and we needed to place our bets on a handful of exclusive products,” Bonfig explained.

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