Bill Gates Accused of Planning to Control the World

Japanese TV show claims Gates wants to control the world population through his vaccines

Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates has been accused by the host of a Japanese TV show that he plans to control the world population through his efforts to provide vaccinations to millions of children.

Bill Gates has used the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support global campaigns and vaccinate approximately 330 million children in the entire world against polio, pneumonia and other diseases, the company said according to The Asahi Shimbun.

Microsoft Japan has already contacted TV Tokyo Corporation for an explanation on these statements, claiming that the company was shocked by the misleading content aired on November 2.

“Bill Gates has devised a ghastly program on humanity and rumors say he is attempting to use vaccines to control the world population,” the TV show’s host said.

TV Tokyo has already apologized and said it would delete the comments aimed at Bill Gates from all rebroadcasts.

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