Bill Gates Increases Stake in Canadian National Railways

Gates now owns a total of 10 percent of the company

Cascade Investment, a company owned by Microsoft’s chairman Bill Gates, has purchased an additional 35.784 shares of Canadian National Railway.

Microsoft’s founder is now holding a combined share of 10 percent, as Cascade is the owner of 8.14 percent of the company, while the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a grant-making foundation also founded by the American billionaire, has another 1.86 percent.

Shares currently controlled by the charitable trust and the investment firm are for investment purposes, the companies said in a press release according to the Canadian Press.

What’s more, it appears that Bill Gates, who doesn’t want to return to the Redmond-based technology giant he founded a long time ago in the CEO position, may increase his stake in Canada’s largest railway depending on “market conditions.”

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