Bill Gates: Windows 8 Is an Absolutely Critical Product – Video

Microsoft’s chairman talks about the company’s upcoming products

Bill Gates doesn’t talk too often about Microsoft’s products, but when he does it, the whole IT world is all eyes and ears.

Gates, who recently said that he has no plans to get back to the Microsoft CEO position, explained in an interview with Steve Clayton that Windows 8 is an absolutely critical product for the Redmond-based technology firm.

“This is the big time for us,” he said, emphasizing that both Windows 8 and the Surface tablet are playing key roles on the long term.

As for the Surface, Gates revealed that he’s very excited about the device and he finds it “unbelievably great.”

“I got my Surface RT just recently, I've been using it day and night. It was one of the first ones off the line and I was anxious to get one…it is absolutely incredible,” he said.

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