Bill Gates and Paul Allen Recreate 1981 Microsoft Photo

Microsoft’s founders have been photographed for a new version of an iconic image

If you’re a Microsoft enthusiast, chances are that you’ve already seen this photo. Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the two famous Microsoft founders, have been photographed in 1981 just after they’d managed to license the MS-DOS system to IBM.

Fast forward 32 years later and Gates and Allen have decided to recreate the iconic photo, this time at the Seattle Living Computer Museum, but surrounded by the same ancient systems.

In the meantime, Bill Gates has become the second richest man in the entire world, with a net worth of $67 billion (€52 billion), while also spending big on his charity foundation.

While he doesn’t spend so much time getting involved in Microsoft activities, he does keep an eye on the products rolled out by the technology giant, so he’s now an avid user of Windows 8, Surface and Windows Phone 8.

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