Bing Maps Beats Apple Maps in Accuracy Test

New study reveals that Apple’s own service is even worse than Bing Maps

It’s no secret that Apple’s very own Maps service has shocked iOS users with out-of-this-world directions, but a study conducted by CrowdFlower reveals that it’s less accurate than both Google Maps and Bing Maps.

While Google’s Maps technology topped the testing by correctly identifying 89 percent of the businesses in the United States, Bing Maps arrived second with a 79 percent score.

Apple Maps was only the third, as it managed to list 74 percent of the businesses in the United States and 47 percent in the United Kingdom.

“We started with a list of 1,000 US businesses in our database, then added 100 UK businesses to give some idea of international differences. We had our crowd find the official websites of these businesses and extract current address information from the website,” CrowdFlower explained the testing procedure.

While Google Maps remains the number one choice in this particular industry sector, there’s no doubt that Bing Maps is becoming a much more effective service, as Microsoft continues its effort to develop and introduce new features.

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