Bitcasa App for Windows 8 Offers Infinite Storage in the Cloud

Bitcasa officially lands in the Store with dedicated apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT

Microsoft’s very own SkyDrive is clearly a helpful application that allows you to save and manage files online, but plenty of alternative services have already reached both the web and Windows 8 platforms.

Bitcasa is one of the most appealing solutions in this regard, as it provides infinite storage to its users.

The application allows Windows 8 and Windows RT adopters to instantly access photos, music, movies and documents from the Modern UI, but also to download, upload and manage existing files with just a few taps.

Users need to register for an account before starting using Bitcasa, but the good news is that support for Facebook and Twitter accounts is also available.

Bitcasa takes full advantage of the features available in Windows 8, so it also provides sharing tools for multimedia content such as photos and videos.

Click here to view the Bitcasa app Windows Store page in your browser.

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