Bitdefender Releases 60-Second Virus Scanner

Lightweight cloud-based antivirus with proactive silent scanning

The new antivirus solution from Bitdefender is cloud-based and boasts an incredible scan speed. The company touts that one minute is all it needs to finish checking all critical areas of the system for active threats.

Because it is cloud-based (no signatures required), all the heavy lifting is carried off-site and the strain on the system is minimum. This also accounts for the compatibility with other antivirus solutions you may have installed, thus acting as an extra layer of protection against malware.

Additional features available in Bitdefender 60-Second Virus Scanner (freeware) include proactive silent scanning, which means that it does not interfere with user activities on the PC because it carries out its job in the background.

60-Second Virus Scanner can be set to run a scan with a specific frequency and to check critical areas in real time.

Download 60-Second Virus Scanner

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