Blank Screen After Installing Windows 8.1

Users are still having problems after installing the new OS version

Soon after Microsoft launched Windows 8.1 on October 18, it has emerged that some users were experiencing issues after the installation process, with a blank black screen locking them out of the operating system.

While Microsoft has rolled out some instructions on how to fix this issue, it appears that users are still getting the same errors, with many complaining that no workaround is making things better until now.

A patch is yet to be released by Microsoft, but we’re received reports from our readers telling us that resetting the BIOS and updating the graphic drivers in safe mode could solve the problems.

A user on the Microsoft Community forums came out with a more complicated solution involving the removal of some files in the system32 folder, but we wouldn’t really recommend beginners to go that far.

In case you’ve found a working solution to this problem, make sure you post it in the comment box below and lend a helping hand to the community still getting a blank screen after installing Windows 8.1.

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