BlueStacks Not Working on Windows 8.1 RTM

It turns out that users running the new OS are still experiencing a number of issues

BlueStacks is already available on Windows, giving users the chance to run Android apps on their PCs and tablets, but it turns out that the app is affected by some issues when installed on Windows 8.1

Several users are complaining that after installed BlueStacks on Windows 8.1, they are provided with a message to email the support team behind the project.

The same thing happens when using the built-in compatibility mode, so users have basically no option to use BlueStacks if they already made the move to Windows 8.1.

At this point, BlueStacks for Windows is still in beta stage, so a number of bugs might still be experienced, regardless of the OS version you are running. As a result, expect full compatibility with Windows 8.1 when the stable build is released.

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