Breezy Is the Simplest, yet Most Beautiful Windows 8 Weather App

This is clearly the best choice for users who want a quick weather forecast

Windows 8 comes with a pre-installed weather app, the Windows Store also provides access to a few more similar tools but, in case you’re looking for a really simple and eye-candy tool, meet Breezy.

As compared to very complex weather apps capable of providing a truly fascinating amount of information, such as AccuWeather, for instance, Breezy is a rather minimalistic solution that displays the current weather conditions along with a 5-day forecast.

It supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit units and can display the current temperature in the live tile, directly on your Start Screen.

The good news is that Breezy is completely free and can be used on basically any Windows 8 version, as it supports not only the x86 and the x64 builds, but also the tablet-oriented ARM version.

Click here to view the Windows Store page of Breezy in your browser.

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