British PM Applauds Microsoft’s Efforts to Hire Jobless People

Microsoft debuts a new program to help 300,000 jobless people in the UK

Microsoft is willing to continue its efforts into helping young people across the world to find jobs in the IT industry with a new campaign launched in the United Kingdom.

The company will roll out a program aimed at the 300,000 jobless young people in the country and will provide assistance with IT education in schools, pre-apprenticeship training and apprenticeships in job-specific skills, The Independent writes.

Of course, Prime Minister David Cameron is pleased with Microsoft’s efforts and calls for more companies to launch similar programs as the Redmond-based technology giant.

“Microsoft's 'Get On' campaign is exactly the kind of support we need from business to inspire, provide skills, and create meaningful opportunities in the industries that will drive our economy forward in the future,” he was quoted as saying by the source.

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