Bubble Birds for Windows 8 Gets New Update, Free Download Available

Developers roll out several improvements for this popular Windows 8 game

If you’re looking for simple, addictive and touch-optimized games for Windows 8, you better give Bubble Birds an option, as it comes with awesome graphics and great options to make you play it for hours.

What’s more, the game has just received a brand new update that’s supposed to improve the overall stability and performance on all Windows 8 platforms, as it can be installed not only on the desktop version, but also on Windows RT tablets.

In case you’re running the x86 or the x64 flavor of Windows 8 on either a desktop computer or a laptop, you can easily play the game using your mouse, but a Windows RT tablet clearly provides the best experience.

Bubble Birds is offered with a freeware license, so you can enjoy the full game at absolutely no cost.

Click here to view the updated Windows Store page of Bubble Birds for Windows 8.

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